13 & 14 February 2019 | Kingdom of Bahrain
Under the Patronage of His Excellency Shaikh Mohamed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Minister of Oil, Kingdom of Bahrain

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Conference Presentations

Keynote and Strategic Presentations

Presentation Title


Middle east olefins: Competitiveness under pressure

Steven McCoskey, Vice President, Operations, Solomon Associates

Ethylene Production in Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia: Current Status, Outlook and Courses of Action

Frederik Hoornaert, Director, Olefins & Aromatics, SABIC

Balancing Volatile Feedstock Demand with Maximizing Value from Oil

Dr. Khalid Abdullah Al Jarba, Director, Process Technology and Licensing, SABIC

Turning Waste into Value – The GCC Journey towards the foreground

Dr. Abdulwahab Al Sadoun, Secretary General, GPCA

Future of Specialty Chemicals in the region

Fuad Mosa, Vice President - Local Content & Business Development Unit , SABIC

Why Saudi

Sultan Mofti, Deputy Governor, SAGIA - Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority

Going Downstream

Khalil Ibn Salamah, Managing Director, Global Company for Downstream Industries (GDI)

Day 1 Technical Presentations

Session Presentation Title Speaker

Integration and Industry Consolidation

An inter-olefins plant optimization using Machine learning and Linear Programming techniques

Deepak Pal, Scientist, Global Cracker, SABIC

Integration and Industry Consolidation

Higher Margin with Integrated Refinery/Petrochemical Scheme

Sanjeev Mallick, Associate Director, Refining, KBR Technology

Integration and Industry Consolidation

TechnipFMC’s SFT® Radiant Coil Technology

Marco van Goethem, Manager Product Development, TechnipFMC

Integration and Industry Consolidation

Exploring New Ultra-Low Steam Consumption, High Capacity Smokeless Flaring

Mohammed Abugharbieh, Country Manager - Saudi Arabia, Zeeco

Advantage of Digitalization and Big Data

Listen to your Heat Exchanger

Bruno Buelow, Product Manager, ARVOS Group GmbH

Advantage of Digitalization and Big Data

Operational Data Infrastructure as a foundation for Digital Transformation

Aamir Ahmed Butt,  Executive Account Manager, OSIsoft Middle East Technologies S.P.C

Advantage of Digitalization and Big Data

Auto Analytics And Tracking of Ethylene Plants for Plant Performance Improvement

Jim Brigman, Managing Director, Ingenero Inc

Enhancing Asset Performance

Improvement in Asset Utilization and Productivity in the Filtration and Separation of Quench Water

Ram Venkatadri, Global Marketing Manager Fuels And Chemicals, Pall Corporation

Enhancing Asset Performance

Effective fouling protection of strippers, compressors, caustic towers and recovery section for Olefins plant

Subrato Saha - Director, Aquachemie Berthold Otzisk- Senior Product Manager Process, Kurita Europe

Enhancing Asset Performance

Furnaces Excess Oxygen Optimization

Process Engineer,

Enhancing Asset Performance

Furnace tube life optimization

Akram Essa,  Mechanical Engineer, S-Chem

Managing Changing Feedstock

High Value Niche Products: Butene and Hexene Alpha Olefins

Xavier Liège, Technology Team Manager, Axens

Managing Changing Feedstock

Sustaining Olefins Production Through Optimization and Effective Feed Management

Nihar Gulwadi, Project Development Manager, Ingenero Inc.

Managing Changing Feedstock

Maximizing Furnace Capacity Utilization during Feedstock Curtailment

Faisal Fahad Arab,  Scientist, SABIC - SAUDI KAYAN

Managing Changing Feedstock

Profit Pivot Points in Crude to Chemicals Integrated Complexes

Brian Muldoon, Vice President – Petrochemicals,

Day 2 Technical Presentations

Session Presentation Title Speaker

Advantage of Digitalization and Big Data

Mitigation of Dilution Steam Corrosion & Fouling Control with 3dfDSS

Jan Van Bauwel,  Regional Account Lead Corporate Accounts, NALCO Champion - NALCO Saudi Company Limited

Advantage of Digitalization and Big Data

Simulation of Ethylene Plant with SPYRO Software

Susan Cooper-Lenes, Sales Engineer, TechnipFMC

Advantage of Digitalization and Big Data

Turning Big Data into Feed-to-Product Operating Envelopes for Business Efficiency

Alan Mahoney, Technical and Operations Director,

Process Plant Computing Limited

Advantage of Digitalization and Big Data

The Reality of Digital Twins

Tolu Sodeinde, Senior Digital Consultant for Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, Aveva

Enhancing Asset Performance

Ethylene Plant Yield Improvement Through Integrated Advanced Turbomachinery Controls

Medhat Zaghloul, Regional Technology Manager, Compressor Controls Corporation

Enhancing Asset Performance

Comprehensive Assessment of Steam Crackers for Energy Intensity Improvement

Mahesh Kumar,  Lead Scientist Olefins & Aromatics, SABIC

Enhancing Asset Performance

UOP Adsorbents Solutions to mitigate online moisture analysers problems and help protect your plant reliability

Luk Verhulst, Senior Manager - EMEA SA&S Technical Sales and Services, Honeywell UOP

Enhancing Asset Performance

Reducing costs with the application of high flow coefficient impellers in the main compressors of ethylene plants

Shane Harvey, Manager Application Engineering, Elliott


Enhancing Asset Performance

Unexpected two-phase flow stalling a Demethenizer Intercondenser

Nileshkumar Patel, Senior Process Engineer , Sadara

Chemical Company

Enhancing Asset Performance

Temperature Measurements Repeatability for Ethylene Crackers Optimization

Khaled Adbellatif,  Technology Advisor, Daily Thermetrics

Enhancing Asset Performance

The Impact on Process Tube Coking and Heat Transfer by High Emissivity Coating Systems

Dr. John Olver,  CEO, Emisshield

Enhancing Asset Performance

S+C Optimised Profile for Ethylene Furnace Tubes

Aurelio Munoz,  Corporate Sales Director, Schmidt +

Clemens Group

Managing Changing Feedstock

Design Philosophy of a Mixed Feed Cracker

Dharmendra Narang,  Chief Engineer , TechnipFMC

Managing Changing Feedstock

Dense loading of molecular sieve in charge gas drier

Vijaykumar Srinivasan, Sr Process Engineer, SABIC

Managing Changing Feedstock

KBR Olefins Technologies Provide Key Flexibility with Optimum Design to Ensure Profitability

Jeff Caton, Director - Olefins Technology, KBR Technology

Managing Changing Feedstock

Propane furnace dynamic conversion control

Dhafer Mohammed Alwadie,  Engineer, Production KOP, SABIC - KEMYA

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