Conference Program

17 - 18 October 2023   |   Grand Hyatt Al Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


09:15 09:35

Welcome Remarks: Leveraging Digitalization and Emerging Trends Room 1

Master of Ceremony

Abdulqader Abdullah

Student, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM)


Shakeel Kadri

Executive Director & CEO, CCPS

09:35 09:55

Keynote Session: E-Furnace, a Significant Step Towards Carbon Neutral Olefins Room 1


Ali Al-Gahtani

Staff Engineer, Power System, SABIC

09:55 10:25

Keynote Session: From Vision to Action - Putting Sustainability in Perspective for Process Manufacturing Operations with Digital Solutions Room 1


Dr. Pratap Nair

President & CEO, Ingenero Inc

10:25 11:00

Coffee Break & Exhibition Networking Exhibition Area

11:00 11:45

Panel Discussion - Embracing Emerging Trends in the Ethylene Industry: Navigating Opportunities and Challenges Room 1

The ethylene industry continues to experience dynamic shifts and transformative trends that shape its trajectory. This panel discussion is dedicated to exploring the latest emerging trends in the ethylene sector and how forward-thinking approaches can drive sustainability and foster growth in the current landscape. The panelists, distinguished experts, and thought leaders from various facets of the ethylene industry, will delve into the cutting-edge trends that have surfaced in recent times. Topics of discussion will include advancements in sustainable production methods, circular economy initiatives, digitalization and Industry 4.0 integration, and the exploration of bio-based alternatives. Through insightful discussions, the panelists will unveil the opportunities these emerging trends present for driving operational efficiency, reducing carbon footprints, and enhancing product innovation. Attendees will gain valuable insights into practical applications and success stories, showcasing how organizations embrace these trends to stay competitive in today's ever-evolving market. Beyond the opportunities, the panel will address the challenges of adopting transformative technologies and methodologies. Discussions will encompass strategies for overcoming barriers related to technology integration, workforce skills development, and regulatory compliance. Collaborative approaches to sustainability will also be explored, highlighting how partnerships between stakeholders, including technology providers, producers, researchers, and policymakers, can foster innovation and drive meaningful change. By the conclusion of this discussion, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends shaping the ethylene industry and how they can navigate these changes to build a sustainable and prosperous future. Attendees will leave with actionable insights to drive innovation within their organizations and contribute to the industry's growth in the coming year.

Session Chair

Mikhail Khvastunkov

Engineering Specialist - Downstream Process Engineering Division , Aramco


Prof Mamdouh Alharith

Dean, College of Chemicals & Materials, KFUPM

Dr. Pratap Nair

President & CEO, Ingenero Inc

Jim Middleton

Group Vice President, Ethylene Product Line and Technologies, Technip Energies

Mubarik Mustafa

CEO, ACET Solutions

11:45 12:45

Prayers, Lunch & Exhibition Networking  Lunch Area

12:45 14:15

Technical Sessions

2 Sessions

Application of Big Data, Digitalization and Optimization Room 1

Session Chair

Nihar Gulwadi

Regional Head - MENA, Ingenero Inc

A Step Towards the Self-Optimizing Plant: An Integrated Digital Twin Concept Deployed in Ethylene Derivatives Plant


Faisal Baksh

Principal Consultant, AspenTech

Enhancing Overall Asset Effectiveness (OAE) through Digitalization


Mayuresh Mokal

Digital Solutions Client Engagement, Ingenero Inc

Using Digitalization to Drive Steam Cracker Operations Profitability


Dr. Daniel Eff

Business Development Lead Petrochemical Solutions & Services Advanced Operations Services, Linde Engineering

Addressing Sustainability Challenges Room 2

Session Chair

Rawaf Al-Rawaf

Superintendent – Process Engineering, Saudi Chevron Phillips (S-Chem)

Hydrogen As Enabler for Decarbonization of Ethylene Plants


Prateek Jain

Senior Process Engineer, Technip Energies

Zero Emission Steam Cracker Design


Dr. Gunther Kracker

Director | Director/Head of Product Management & Cost Estimation, Linde Engineering

Rotating Olefins Cracker: A Novel Technology for Decarbonizing Light Olefin Production


Jim Middleton

Group Vice President, Ethylene Product Line and Technologies, Technip Energies

Thomas Soulas

VP Technology Development, Innovation Center Abu Dhabi, Siemens Energy, Inc

14:15 14:45

Coffee Break & Exhibition Networking Exhibition Area

14:45 16:15

Technical Sessions

2 Sessions

Enhancing Reliability Room 1

Session Chair

Dr. Yunusa Umar

Associate Professor, Jubail Industrial College and University

Improving Reliability of a Charge Gas Compressor at an Ethylene Cracker with Innovative Treatment Program


Deepak Sharma

Senior Technical Manager, Nalco Water an Ecolab Company

Dr. Bhaskar Reddy Aluri

Lead Scientist, Sabic Technology Centre

Pavlov Andres Perez

Sr. Engineer, Olefins Process Engineering, SABIC - PETROKEMYA

Furnace Efficiency: Robotic Cleaning for Convection Section Maintenance


Scott Donson

Integrated Global Services

Overcoming High Pressure Drop across Coldbox through Innovative Reflux Management to Maintain Ethylene Product Quality


Ahmed Al Dossary

Process Improvement Engineer, Sadara Chemical Company

How To Drive Productivity and Profitability with Digitally Enabled Insights - OMNI Heat Exchange Reliability


Mohammad Al-Shaikh Khaleel

Technical Consultant, Nalco Water an Ecolab Company

Capital Efficiency and Competitiveness Room 2

Session Chair

Muhammad Ilyas

Superintendent Process Design Engineering, Sadara Chemical Company

Improving Energy Efficiency in Centrifugal Compressors By Application of Kurita Dropwise Condensation Technology


Angel Palacios Romero

Product manager specialist, Kurita Europe

Preventing Water Hammering By Dynamic Flooding


Mohammed Alansari

Chemical Engineer, Sadara Chemical Company

Crude to Olefins Via Steam Cracking: Advanced Modelling of Product Yields and Coke Formation


Ismaël Amghizar

Modeling Researcher, AVGI bv

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