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09 - 10 February 2022   |   Kingdom of Bahrain
Under the patronage of His Excellency Shaikh Mohamed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Minister of Oil, Kingdom of Bahrain
Under the patronage of His Excellency Shaikh Mohamed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Minister of Oil, Kingdom of Bahrain
08:30 09:30

Keynote Session: Industry Outlook Dana Hall 1

09:30 09:45

Coffee Break & Exhibition Networking Entrance Foyer, Second Level, Gulf Convention Centre

09:45 10:45

Executive Panel Discussion: Digitalization for Ethylene Dana Hall 1

Ethylene production is one of the most energy intensive petrochemical processes and the pressure to improve is growing. Digitalization can be the most capital efficient means of making ethylene plants more profitable, reliable and sustainable. Applying data analytics such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to existing data can result in more timely insights that remove variability, identify operational efficiency gaps, and increase unit availability. While digitalization software tools abound; success requires carefully defining the objectives upfront and then crafting a highly customized solution, utilizing the appropriate technology tools that best meet the objective, for the ultimate user. A combination of domain, software and data analytics expertise is necessary and requires ongoing management commitment, to ensure the necessary transformation and continuous value capture EMET 2022 has a preeminent panel of distinguished experts that includes Ethylene executives that have successfully implemented digitalization programs for their operations and digitalization executives that have provided the software, implementation and expertise to achieve digital transformation for their Ethylene clients. Panelists will provide their perspective on keys to success, problems encountered and the best technology to utilize for the Ethylene industry.


Jamal N. Al Obireed

CDP Sr. Manager, Corporate Digitalization Program, SABIC (invited)


Saifuddin Sheikh

Director Business Consulting Operations, Aspen Technology

Martin Simmonite

Senior Vice President, Technology-Led Industrial Solutions, KBR Technology

Martin Piesker

Head of Digitalization , Siemens Energy LLC

Murhaf Al-Madani

Vice President – Corporate Digitalization Program, SABIC - Al Bayroni

10:30 11:30

Parallel Rountable Sessions

10:45 11:00

Coffee Break & Exhibition Networking Entrance Foyer, Second Level, Gulf Convention Centre

11:00 12:00

Executive Panel Discussion: Actionable Sustainability in Ethylene Manufacture Dana Hall 1

Ethylene producers have long been focused on several key elements that drive their competitiveness: Attractive Feedstock, Low Capital Cost, High Reliability and Low Operating Costs. Strong performance in these critical areas have been the keys to long term success. The global focus on Sustainability adds two new critical elements to this list: reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and elimination of plastic waste. New business strategies, investments and technologies will be required to achieve the reductions that global standards will demand in the next few years. EMET 2022 is pleased to be offering a panel of distinguished experts that will discuss development and implementation of actionable sustainability strategies that apply to the ethylene industry. Panelists will offer perspectives on technology, facilities, regulatory frameworks and geopolitical enablers that will drive this significant change to our industry.


Badr Al-Johani

Sustainability Manager, Sadara Chemical Company


Dan Coombs

Executive VP (retired), LyondellBasell

Jim Middleton

Group Vice President, Ethylene Product Line and Technologies, Technip Energies

Justin Wood

Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Alliance to End Plastic Waste (invited)

12:00 12:45

Prayers, Lunch & Exhibition Networking

12:45 13:45

Parallel Technical Sessions

2 Sessions

Mitigating Risk and Prioritizing Safety Dana Hall 1

Session Chair

Dr. Yunusa Umar

Associate Professor, Jubail Industrial College

Impact of Modularisation of Ethylene Plant on HSE Design practices


Jerome Hocquet

Technip Energies (invited)

Effective Learning Curve Through Swiss Cheese Model Application in Incident Management System


Nileshkumar Patel

Process Safety Technology Leader, Sadara Chemical Company (invited)

Application of Big Data, Digitalization and Optimization Dana Hall II

Session Chair

Rob Howard

Vice President - MENA, Aspen Technology

Real-Time Statistical Process Control of Ethylene and Its Derivatives


Manoj Tiwari

Sr. Product Quality Specialist, Sadara Chemical Company (invited)

Digitalization of Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Control Valves to Improve Operational Reliability


Abhilash Nair

Director, Petrochemical Applications, Flowserve Corporation

Next Generation of Production Optimization Delivers Benefits for Ethylene Manufacturer


Abhijit Igave

Sr.Principal Solution Consultant, Aspen Technology (invited)

13:45 14:00

Coffee Break & Exhibition Networking Entrance Foyer, Second Level, Gulf Convention Centre

14:00 15:00

Parallel Technical Sessions

2 Sessions

Enhancing Reliability Dana Hall 1

Session Chair

Fadi Mhaini

Director, Technology Licensing, Chevron Lummus Global

Optimization in Ethylene Cold Section Distillation Columns (Debutanizer and C3 Splitter Columns)


Abdullah Al-Zeer

Process Engineer, Saudi Chevron Phillips (S-Chem) (invited)

Enhancing Reliability of Cracked Gas Compressors through Monitoring Program


Mahesh Ashrit

Petrochemical Technical Services, Baker Hughes (invited)

Improved Dilution Steam Generation Operational Reliability


Dr. Bhaskar Reddy Aluri

SABIC (invited)

Thamer A Al-Seraihi

Engineer, SABIC (invited)

Deepak Sharma

Nalco Water (invited)

Addressing Sustainability Challenges Dana Hall II

Session Chair

Dr. Thomas Garrison

Assistant Professor - Department of Chemistry, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM)

Hppe Plant Ethylene Purge Recovery Enhancement


Rayyan Radhan

Sadara Chemical Company (invited)

Wonder from Garbage: How to Turn Plastic Waste into Cracker Feedstock


Veronique Reich

Principal Process Engineer, Technip Energies (invited)

James Starr

Project Manager, Technip Energies (invited)

Addressing Sustainability in Olefins Feedstock Selection and Production Planning & Optimization


Manuel Dias

Aspen Technology (invited)

15:00 15:15

Conference Closing

15:15 15:45

Exhibition Closing

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